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Gateway Online is an online platform offering opportunity of walking the Way of Truth with the teaching of Aisha Salem. Signing up for Gateway Online is possible with a membership. Read below about joining.

The membership is a monthly paid subscription of 15 EUR/month, which gives access to monthly online events with Aisha, ongoing sharing in blog-posts from Aisha, 10% off on all Online retreats, access to extra video-material and more. Read all benefits below.

In case of technical questions please contact techsupport@aishasalem.com.


Gateway Online membership

15 EUR/month

The membership offers access to:

  • Monthly Online events with Aisha Salem - incl. 1 week replay
  • Ongoing blogposts of keys of consciousness shared from Aisha Salem
  • Direct enquiry with Aisha Salem in Teaching Hall
  • Participation in LivingRoom forum - for engagement with the community
  • Online Temple-space - a mutual space of prayer and offering
  • Gateway Newsletter & news on the work
  • 10% off the exchange on all Online retreats
  • Cinema - with extra video material like meditations, Q&A-clips and funny-flicks
  • Toolbox - with practices and consciousness instructions


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