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Gateway Online is an online offer giving opportunity of walking the Way of Truth with online teaching of Aisha Salem. Signing up for Gateway Online is possible with a subscription. Read below.

The subscription of 20 EUR/month, gives access to monthly online events with Aisha, online enquiry in Teaching Hall, 10% discount on Online retreats and more. Read all benefits below.

In case of technical questions please contact web@aishasalem.com.


Gateway Online membership

20 EUR/month

The membership offers:

  • A monthly 2,5 hours Online Satsang, with Aisha Salem – incl. 1 month replay
  • 24/7 access to online Teaching-hall, with opportunity for direct enquiry with Aisha
  • An ongoing discount of 10% on all coming Online retreats with Aisha Salem – and on the longer video-courses too!
  • Access to an online cafe; Not-Know Caf’é – for sweet engagement with the community
  • Gateway Online Newsletters with information on coming events, tours, a sweet eye into Nari Sanctuary and more.


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