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As a member of Gateway you are welcomed to initiate the setting up of an online community event - for the gathering of a group of the friends in Gateway for sharing of experiences, meditations or what serves your way and resolution.

This is an opportunity for you to post and host sharing-groups, for those who feel inclined to meet on your initiative regarding a specific topic relevant to the integration of and deeper work with an aspect of Life, living and deepening in Truth.

This can for instance be;

  • Womanhood/Manhood
  • Family and ancestral work
  • Meditation
  • Work
  • Sexuality
  • Aloneness
  • Healing
  • Contemplation on specific aspects of life and reality
  • or other...

As the teaching is wide, the topics can have a wide range covering the different aspects of Life and living, integration, healing and so on. To ensure a focused content in the Calendar, all community-suggested events pass by the Aisha Salem team for confirmation.

Please fill in your suggestion for event below, and be aware that you as suggester of the event also will be the host opening the meeting and supplying direction towards the fulfilment of its purpose. In case of interest for more than one meeting, it can be a good idea to arrange a line of changing hosts, as it is a good way to have everyone step in and engage.

Please Note

Please be aware, that events should be submitted no later than 2 weeks prior to the time of the event.

For online events, Aisha and team strongly suggests use of the ZOOM online conferencing tool due to its very easy-to-use interface. All technicals regarding setting up meeting-space is in the hands of the host.

Lastly; Please make sure to submit a clear and inviting description to your event, for the friends of Gateway get a Feel for your intention and purpose of the meeting.

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