About digestion groups

The integrational aspect of applying Truth is strongly supported by entering into groups, wherein the field is held on a bottomline of accuracy. The community supports the process of digestion by the simple fact that all implicated are aware of the basic ground of Truth, which is required for digestion to take place in a supportive environment.

The Digestion groups are intended to open space for the members of Gateway, walking with the teaching of Aisha Salem.

We learn from each other's resolutions, we support each other with the Presence of Silence and Seeing and we open this space of digestion on the deep grounds of the teaching of Aisha Salem.

Participation in Digestion Groups

Before entering a digestion group, you are invited to spend 15 minutes in silence, on your own, summing up your current state of affairs. You can Feel into it and allow your puzzle-pieces to come together, so you are ready to benefit from the Silent Witnessing of your digestion group, in whatever is moving for you at present time.

The Structure of Meetings

All group-leaders were chosen by Aisha and prepared for guidance through the meetings.


  • At beginning of meeting, once everyone settled with audio and video, a welcome with body-centering is initiated in an opening of the space, by the group-leader.
  • Following the opening of the space the ZOOM-room is split into the 4-people groups and the sharing begins. Each person speaks for 15 minutes, sharing what is moving in them in this time in honesty, vulnerability and straightness. Taking turns one doesn’t necessarily have to offer a verbal sharing, but if wished one can simply sit in Presence and Connection, being witnessed in group space.
  • Group members are to simply Listen with full-body attention – no advice, no pointing anything out, no opinions - only deep feeling and openness in Listening. A cue from the group-leader will lead to the next person’s turn. A Gesture of gratitude between speaker and the group for listening/witnessing is invited before moving on to next person.
  • After the 4th person has shared, and a cue been made by group-leader, 10 minutes are given in which the group can freely share mindfully, or choose to sit in Silence/Presence together to conclude.
  • By final instruction from group-leader the 4-person group-spaces are dissolved as all re-enter the mutual meeting-space. Group-leader initiates meditation and the entire group enters app. 30 minute sitting in mutual space with self-focus.
  • The meeting concludes with a joined gesture of gratitude with an ending word from facilitator.


Practical Details

Each meeting lasts a total of 1 hour 50 minutes.

The meetings are led by instructed members of the Aisha Salem team, prepared to guide the group through the digestion-session.

The meeting takes place online via the conferencing tool called ZOOM. First time users of ZOOM will need to install the ZOOM plugin, which is easy and takes 2 minutes. After installing, ZOOM is available with one click for all future events.

All participants are asked to arrive in the online space 15 minutes prior to opening, securing sound and video, being ready to  start on time. NOTE: Entering the meeting space after start will make noises in the space, which are likely to disturb the facilitators opening of the meeting. Please be on time.

The digestion groups are a monthly happening placed in between online meetings with Aisha. All digestion groups are found on the Events Calendar and signing up for the event is necessary - no later than 12 AM, 2 days before event.

NOTE: The closing of ticket happens automatically on the given closing-time. Signing up after this time is not possible.

An e-mail will be sent out to your gateway-registered e-mail address, with the details of how to enter the online meeting space, close to the event. If you have not received this e-mail in your inbox 24 hours before the event, please check your spamfilter, and add web@aishasalem.com to your contact-list, so it ends up in your inbox in the future. the sender is named; "Gateway Online". If no e-mail is visible in neither inbox or spamfilter, please write to us on web@aishasalem.com.

When time is for the event, please click the link in the notification (and install the ZOOM plugin if necessary).

In preparation for the meetings, you are advised to silence your phone, create a space of enough comfort for you to sit for approximately 2 hours and to let your surroundings know you are unavailable.

Sign Up!

All Gateway Digestion groups are found on the Events Calendar and below the calendar on the list of coming events. Click the event - and push *Join*.

Please check after signing up, that your name is on the participants list below the join button.

NB. Closing of ticket is 2 days before events!

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