Terms & Conditions

Engaging in Truth with Aisha Salem – by use published material or in attending online events – involves activation of strong forces and thereby requires full willingness to surrender, allow change and step up to the responsibility of living a life in Truth - in action, mind and speech.

Please read these terms and conditions carefully, prior to engaging with the contents of Gateway Online or attending any online event with Aisha in Gateway Online.

Use of Gateway Online

Membership on Gateway Online is for private use only. Log-in information must be kept safe and private at all times. Failure to comply with these conditions will result in immediate end of subscription.

All publications containing the teaching and transmission of Aisha Salem are copyrighted.

Unauthorised use or distribution of any material from Gateway Online is prohibited.


Conditions of Paid Subscription

The cancellation of paid subscription stops payments from the following month, and cancellation-date counts from the date of notification sent to Aisha Salem team, which is to be no later than the 15th of the month, prior to the month where subscription is no longer wanted.

Aisha Salem is in full right to alter the exchange on the membership. Any changes in terms are to be communicated via e-mail and as notification on Gateway Online at least 1 month prior to change taking place.

Conditions for attending Online Meetings

Aisha Salem and team are not responsible for the workings of ZOOM connected to online meetings - for digestion groups, community events or online meetings with Aisha. Any support on ZOOM conferencing tool is directed to the creators of ZOOM.

The online meetings with Aisha Salem are recorded in HD for later publication. Any recordings will not be on-screen and thereby will not show your face. Enquiries will be audible in publications. All recordings are copyrighted. All rights reserved for immediate or later publication. Any engagement in online events with Aisha Salem implies agreement with these conditions.

Any last-minute cancellation of online events by Aisha Salem or team, related to health-issues or other, are replaced with later dated scheduling.

Conditions for Written Correspondence with Aisha Salem

Any writings by Aisha Salem generated as answers and guidance in response to enquiries on Truth, either in Teaching Hall, private messaging or LivingRooms, are subject to publication. All names and dates are altered to protect any parties involved. Any engagement in written communication with Aisha Salem implies agreement with these conditions.

Policy for Communication in Gateway Online

Any engagement with Gateway Online - community and Aisha Salem - depends solely on your full withstanding the responsibility for any engagement being on respectful and caring terms. Aisha Salem is in full right to end any subscription, should this requirement not be met.

Childcare Policy

Minimum age for being member of Gateway Online and working with Aisha Salem is 18. On rare occasions, this policy can be bent, by parents consent, and Aisha specifically approving attendance of the person in question - by individual contact with both child and parents.


Use of the materials on Gateway Online or attendance in online meetings with Aisha Salem is at your sole risk. You acknowledge that Aisha Salem has no control over, and no duty to take any action regarding, what effects the content or contact may have on you, how you may interpret or use the content or what actions you may take as a result of having been engaged with the content.

Any engagement with Aisha Salem, in either videos (Q&A and meditations), audios, enquiries (in Teaching Hall) or online events, are likely to penetrate into all areas of your living life. The process it initiates needs to be handled with care and in respect for all aspects of your life and resolve.

Entering engagement with Aisha Salem, in any way, requires your sincere dedication to Truth. Approaching the transmissions or Being of Aisha Salem, from either written enquiry or online events, while being motivated by anything other than a full Yes to Truth is ill-advised.

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